O festiwalu

The exhibition made available by  the Ministry of the Environment.

Exhibition opening: 7.06.2017, 9.30 am 

Lasy Państwowe zdjęcie do katalogu

The exhibition consists of 17 charts displaying maps which are the proof of the long-term forest management in the Białowieża Forest and its being shaped by man. The documents proving the forest was used by man date back to as far as 500 years ago.

The charts also give information 

on active protection which can be conducted by the National Forests on  a given area and pictures showing the damage caused by spruce bark beetle in the spruce stands.

Some information about  the Białowieża Forest

Most of the Białowieża Forest  has been shaped by man for centuries. The natural parts of the forests cover not more than 20% of the whole area of the Białowieża Forest. The Białowieża National Park constitutes as little as one-sixth of the Polish part of the Białowieża Forest. The rest belongs to multifunctional forests managed by three forest district offices situated in Białowieża, Browsk, and Hajnówka. About two-thirds of the area managed by these forest district offices are covered by  nature reserves and other areas which are excluded from forest exploitation.

The foresters actively protect various precious habitats and endangered species. The Białowieża Forest is a unique remains of the former forest grounds and for its sake the Ministry of Environment and the Director General of the National Forests have developed a special “Programme for the Białowieża Forest” which states that the average yearly acquisition of wood in the Białowieża Forest District Office area will have reached 18,8 thousand cubic metres by 2021. For comparison, in an average forest district office area (outside the Białowieża Forest) more than 90 thousand cubic meters of wood are cut down every year, which is 5 times more.